Be Careful What You Wish For

The day started out as usual.  It was a WWWW (Wonderful Wild and Wacky Wednesday) and Minds in Motion was not in session so that meant the Lifeline group (See previous post: My Lifeline) would be meeting at Artisano Bakery Cafe.  It is always a positive day.  Bert was happy when I told him where we were going. He does not remember the ‘friends’ from one week to the next though he recognizes them when he sees them and he knows they are ‘nice people’. He says he likes that I laugh and talk with the ‘girls’. I asked about his time and he says the ‘fellows’ are nice too and they like to tease each other.

Let me explain about the seating arrangements when we go to Artisano.  Caregivers sit together on one end of the table and our spouses sit together at the other end.  Just one slight aberration in that there are five couples four of whom comprise a female caregiver and male spouse. That means the male caregiver is sitting with the men while his wife sits with the women. We try to engage and involve the female patient in the conversation and most times it works but we do feel some sympathy for her husband who must stick handle through stories that are the same week after week. He has become most adept at doing that and succeeds in bringing a bit of variety to the proceedings.

This day we had finished our updates.  Everyone was upbeat. We had all had a few nights of uninterrupted sleep.  Always welcomed. One had a recommendation for a resource and, we reminded each other to register for the next Minds in Motion session as they get filled up fast. The conversation turned to things we wished could be.  We talked about plans that are now on hold, dreams that would remain unfulfilled.

Our male caregiver and I had just gone through a scheduled assessment with our spouses and the results turned out the same.  Our respective spouses were now 4-5 years old, mentally. I spontaneously and in frustration said: “Be careful what you wish for.  I have been wishing and hoping for years for a grandchild but I never expected it to be my husband”. There was a pregnant pause and then the laughter broke out.  I roared and all the others joined in.

We were all in tears as we laughed uncontrollably.  We could not look at each other.  Our female patient looked totally at a loss even as she laughed along.  Her husband, who had heard the remark, was shaking with laughter.  Then Bert looked over at us and said: “Well, they are having a good time”.  O, my aching stomach!  That set us off even more.  Then I wondered out loud if that would make him his own grandpa like that old ditty. More stitches. Stop.  Please stop.  That was the day we were certain the next day’s headline would read: ‘Noisy seniors evicted from coffee shop.’

The meander: We all know that laughter is the best medicine.  We prove it among ourselves and make sure we laugh at least once a day.  No, we were not booted out. Thank goodness.

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    1. I am glad I captured enough of the humour in this situation to elicit your comment. In writing it down I had my laugh of the day!

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