Meanderings in three parts is about journeys, life experiences, memories and random thoughts.  Like my life it may be haphazard and unplanned, yet somehow ordered.  Just one certainty: Standing still is not an option.

I will share my Travel Meanderings. After 64 cruises from seven to 121 days, innumerable land journeys, being transported by donkey cart or luxury liners and everything in between, I have stories and adventures to share. Don’t expect a guided tour or hints on where to eat or sleep or visit.  I hope instead that you read what I have experienced and be encouraged to find your own stories and adventures and discover our wonderful world and the people with whom we share our planet. To quote Hans Christian Andersen: To travel is to live.

Script Streams is my Writing Meanderings. It may be a bit of poetry, a short story, a rant, an experience, a book review or comments on current affairs as I see it.   I will not hesitate to share those moments and thoughts that have brought tears, laughter, a sigh, or left me dumbfounded with awe and incredulity.  A veritable olio.

In Alzheimer’s I will share Caregiver Meanderings. This stream, I hope will be a connector to other caregivers. I hope they will share too as we learn from each other about being a caregiver to a person with dementia.  Alzheimer’s is awful, amazing, completely illogical,  mind boggling. I have wanted to write about its various emanations including the ludicrous for a while. Yes, it can be very amusing too.

We all have a story.  In this blog I have chosen to write and share aspects of mine. I love stories.  Like hugs they are meant to share.   Let’s meander together.

About me

Jamaican by birth; Canadian by choice; I am owned by both; I own both.  I am an avid reader, a library advocate and a closet writer by inclination. Dutch by marriage and together we meander.  We live, we love, and we laugh.  I am fortunate. I am thankful.